USPS Change Of Address

Change Of Address

Permanent Change of Address update information is provided by the USPS to anyone who has your old address – specifically junkmailers. If you move, fill out the Post Office’s standard Change Of Address (COA) form, but don’t make it a permanent change. Instead, make it a temporary address change lasting less than a year (perhaps 9 months).

If you do not check either the permanent or temporary box on the COA form, the USPS COA unit will enter it as a permanent move. To make absolutely certain that the COA clerk doesn’t mistake the type of address change, highlight and circle the “temp” box and even write in red letters across the front of the card, “temporary”. By submitting only a temporary change, the information will not be entered into the permanent Change Of Address database and released to others.

You should double check the new address labels on forwarded mail. It should be a temporary label and not a permanent one. A permanent label will state above the customer’s new address, “Please notify sender of new address:”. A temporary label will not say this, presumably because the customer will eventually be returning to their old address. Here is more information on how the USPS handles your change of address. Be sure to read this excellent article on junk mail and The Illegal U.S. Postal Service National Change of Address Program by Michael Worsham.

You may be able to be removed from the NCOA list by writing to the following address:

National Customer Support Center
United States Postal Service
6060 Primacy Parkway – Suite 201
Memphis, Tennessee 38188-0001

usps tracking

usps tracking number


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